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"Woman in the Mirror" - Created by E. Johnson

Woman in the Mirror iPad Pro & Procreate, Digital Art. I wanted to show the power of digital art by using my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Procreate drawing app.  This woman you see in the mirror is a product of a technology which allows creative artists to render their ideas and fantasies to a world of people who would appreciate such endeavors.  Clicking on this  picture will transport you to my YouTube channel where you will be able to see how I created this work of art step-by step. Enjoy. E. Johnson

gifted-paperback-960x580"Gifted" - Amazon (Paperback)

Making it easier for those who prefer something they can feel, Gifted also has a paperback version. This poetry book can motivate thought, and bring you back to the times when people lived in harmony with life and it's struggles.

"Gifted" - Video Trailer

This book of poems has been written with a touch of truth combining social justice and modern day relationships. There is a Kindle and Paperback version of this book available for purchase. Click on the links above this video to view the individual covers of this book.


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    Woman in the Mirror iPad Pro & Procreate, Digital Art. I wanted to show the…

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My first book of poems, inspiring, motivating and a look into the world of people who are wanting hope with a small sense of clarity.

Purchase your copy today in Amazon Kindle or Paperback versions: "Gifted...For those who believe they can" by Ernest Johnson.


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