African Queen

African Queen

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

I met her simply through words and thought,
Another queen my lord has brought.
Her lovely smile is a sheer delight,
I yearn to hold her every night.

She bears the scars of love long lost,
When the heart is broken who pays the cost.
This South African Queen has taken my mind,
She is a treasured rose, unique by design.

Her voice is like violins that play in the night,
I am her warrior, for her love I will fight.
We were destined to meet that I am sure,
My African Princess whose heart is so pure.

Her body is a temple and I hold the key,
Her heart she has given, to no one but me.
It took me some time to find this rare jewel,
When you find true love,
You can no longer be fooled.

In the land of our fathers she has been born,
A woman who can mend, a heart which was torn.
She is my guiding light, a star forever seen,
The soul of a princess, …my African Queen.


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