Angel At The Gate

Angel At The Gate

(Written by Ernest Johnson - Rest in peace my friend Thelma Kizer)

Blessed was the angel, who visited us on Earth,
She touched the hearts of many, while others she gave birth.
Uncertain as to why she was sent, no one will ever know,
She played her part to standing ovations,
But now we close the show.

Watching the sun as it engulfs the sky,
And praises be for that.
While the clouds say farewell to the night,
We all wish we had her back.

She found a way to smile with laughter,
She never let us see her tears.
She lived as an example for the masses,
Throughout those faithful years.

Like many women who were of her time,
She’d face the world with zeal.
She had no time to worry about self,
It was her family she helped build.

So now we say goodbye to our friend Thelma,
We know not our own fate.
We hope to unite with your spirit again,
You’ll be that angel at the gate.

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