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When We Were Children Remember back in the day when that young girl started hitting you on the arm and you were confused as to what was meant by her actions? You felt she was being childish, but you still continued to say things that would cause her to act out in that fashion even…
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How Does The Narc Acquire New Supply So Quickly

How Does The Narcissist Acquire New Supply So Quickly After Discard. The title speaks for itself

Actual Youtube Video:

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Am I Your Side Dude?

Am I Your Side Dude?

This YouTube video by Bigg Jah is a comedic portrayal of a realistic situation that some men face when dealing with toxic women. Check for the signs and be careful.

Tiger Woods, History in the Making!

Tiger Woods has done what I call a memorable feat, which will represent the basis for continued success for anyone interested in obtaining success in their life. Even after years of physical pain and mental strife Tiger was able to overcome indignation and constant criticism to muster the strength to become a champion again. As…
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