Beautiful People


My wife and I went to church today and was enthralled by the sermon the preacher preached. It was concerning young people committing suicide. It made me think about how much the world has changed and how our young people are being left behind and with very little guidance.

From the time a child is born, there exists along with the good, an ever growing serving of bad, or some might consider it evil exploits that a young person must learn to overcome in order to not be devoured. They become victims of a world that we created due to lack of better judgment, which creates a vacuum that will eventually draw in and destroy whatever bit of good we attempt to embody in our young folk.


A small child from an early age clings to its parents for love and support, and eventually they need protection from a cruel world that can penetrate their souls causing them to want to check out earlier than God intended. We have to teach them that they should never allow negative forces to overcome and destroy their self-worth. They should never have to feel the need to kill themselves or better yet, believe their existence has no meaning or purpose.

Under the veil of friendship, some young bullies can manipulate our children with a shrewd and uncanny cold-hearted master plan for destruction, that will eventually lead your loving children to slaughter. They will pick on and make merriment of any child that shows any sign of weakness or fear.

From an early age, we must teach our children to believe in themselves. We must afford them the right to express their innermost fears and desires. We need to implement a support system, structured with love and strong principles, which can be called upon as shelter and protection for the ones we love.


Most times our children hide their cares in order to show us a fake pillar of strength, however upon further examination, we find the walls are no stronger than an egg as it plummets from a kitchen table, and shatters upon the floor.

Our job now begins, we must clean up the mess. The focus has to be on why the walls were so weak, not just the mess that now garnishes the floor. A young mind needs help in its development and it takes time to work out all the kinks and help them establish boundaries and good self-confidence. If there is any chink in the armor, then we leave our children exposed to an infection, and a level of self-destruction in which we may lose the child we love so dearly.


In this world of computers, social networking and live video streaming we find negative influences that can hurt our children and lead them astray. Some children feel that if they killed themselves no one would care, which says to me that self-worth was not communicated properly to this child.

They had very little positive reinforcement which enabled negative energy to persuade them to end it all, since no one will give a damn, at least that is what they believe.

This is incorrect, and should not happen to the minds and hearts of the future adults of our world. We must guide them, ask them how they are doing, and what they are feeling. Walk with them and talk with them at an early age, hug them, show you care and make it known that they are exceptional ...and their lives matter.

Written by E. Johnson

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