Beauty From Within

Beauty From Within

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

Character is a strange force existing only to be observed,
It speaks of who we think we are with truth in every word.
We all are beautiful creatures but fail to realize our worth,
You were destined to be a star a soul upon this earth.

You never have to worry about how you will project,
All you need is inner peace and a dose of self-respect.
No one is better than you that should be your guiding force,
Once you navigate your life you’ll never go off course.

Outward beauty is fleeting and with time shall dissipate,
Inner beauty can be sustained for most to appreciate.
Never underestimate the beauty that lives in you,
All that is not seen will finally come to view.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder we all misunderstood,
Vanity is cold and lonely the opposite of good.
Learn to look underneath the adornment of sin,
You might find a treasure chest…a beauty from within.



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