Beware of Insecure People

Beware of Insecure People

A person who is insecure in a relationship is only there because they need validation. And if they don't get validation from their partner, which is unreasonable and unrealistic, they will move on to someone else they feel will validate them. In other words, they have no problem cheating to achieve some level of self importance and acceptance.

Yes, you should stay away from insecure women and men because you can't fix them and it's unfair to you that they expect you to "fix" them as it may actually run deeper and could be a traumatic issue from their childhood. Once they have been found out and you no longer have them on a pedestal they will look for someone else to stroke their ego. If the new person fails to feed their shattered psyche they will look for the next replacement, so on and so on.

Remember they are not looking for love, they are looking for validation (low self-esteem) from their next love interest, or should I say victim.

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