Can I Have This Dance?

Can I Have This Dance?

(Written by: E. Johnson)

The music of life has started to play,
Looking at you takes my breath away.
A slow melody has me caught in a trance,
Woman in red, can I please have this dance?

The lights are real low ambiance is breathtaking,
Passion and pleasure inside me is now waking.
Control is no longer needed let love be our guide,
Eyes are upon us as you glide by my side.

Your rhythm is magnificent as you spin along the floor,
My body is still yearning as my heart asks for more.
You are a delight my soul is captivated,
Desire in my eyes of how long I have waited.

Anticipation is mounting the fire is real,
I’m witnessing a craving that’s hard to conceal.
Your beauty and luster has me caught in a trance,
Please woman in red, can I please have this dance?

I pull you even closer and whisper in your ear,
Triggering emotions in your eye I see a tear.
I hold you by your waist as you look at me and smile,
As if I were your protector and you were my child.

As the music starts to fade and people leave the floor,
You and I are still dancing, as we head outside the door.
We dance until the dawn consumed in our romance,
Thank you lady in red, can I have another dance?

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