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Make Each Day Count

Make Each Day Count A life well lived is a blessing to behold, we must be grateful for the good and bad times. Remembering those people that helped us to challenge ourselves, to grow and endure all the joys and pleasures of life. We sometimes take for granted the most important teachings that God has…
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Trying to find yourself, when you were never lost

Trying to find yourself, when you were never lost I suppose many people try to understand the reasons why their lives never seem to go exactly the way they plan. Well don’t let it get you down; we sometimes complicate our lives when all it takes is just a small measure of patience and belief…
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Gifted by Ernest Johnson A book of poems written with a touch of truth combining social justice and modern day relationships. The poems in this book will move you and start a thought process unlike any other poetry book has done before. Get ready for a spiritual ride through the soul of man while feeling…
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