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When The People Dare

When The People Dare (Written by E. Johnson) We as a people at times forget that we matter most, Our actions are as guests, when really we’re the host. We let others make decisions that affect the lives we live, Governing hands extended, as they take from those who give. Foolishly we stay in our…
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Narcissism Unmasked…The Silent Killer

This website is dedicated to enlightenment and creativity. I feel there is a need to speak upon the harsh and evil world of narcissism. It exists more now than ever and people need to be aware of this hurtful and morally bankrupt sickness. Many people and relationships have been destroyed by individuals who show signs of Covert or Overt narcissism. (Photo by Fotolia)

These three videos were embeded from YouTube's website: Sun Lion's Youtube page

The Narcissist Wants You Dead

Cognitive Dissonance, Recovering from Narcissist Abuse

People, Wake the Hell Up!

I wish to rant about a subject that has bothered me for some time. People continue to hold on to someone who wants you to go away.  I have been guilty of the same crime many of you are experiencing now, holding on when the love is gone. We try to make right what is…
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