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Democrats introduce bill to ban ‘paid prioritization’ on the Net

Democrats introduce bill to ban 'paid prioritization' on the Net The Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act, introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, will require the Federal Communications Commission to ban "paid prioritization" agreements between broadband service providers and content providers. Read CNET Article    
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Maya Angelou – A Poetic Saint

Maya Angelou (A Poetic Saint) 1928-2014 Words cannot express the lost I and many other poets feel for the loss of Maya Angelou.  She was an icon for many people who struggled through the harsh realities of life. May she rest in peace and be as she was in life, in death...a saint. (E.…
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Gifted by Ernest Johnson A book of poems written with a touch of truth combining social justice and modern day relationships. The poems in this book will move you and start a thought process unlike any other poetry book has done before. Get ready for a spiritual ride through the soul of man while feeling…
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