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Tiger Woods, History in the Making!

Tiger Woods has done what I call a memorable feat, which will represent the basis for continued success for anyone interested in obtaining success in their life. Even after years of physical pain and mental strife Tiger was able to overcome indignation and constant criticism to muster the strength to become a champion again. As…
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Vote With Your Wallet, Boycott Gillette

I can't believe what is happening in this country.  Men are being assaulted by the government and commercial industries. We men are being told we are nothing more than sexual predators and should be controlled and denigrated at all cost. We serve our communities as entertainment for women and a work mule or dead soldier for the government.

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Pastor RC Blakes, Jr. New Years Message “Move On”

This past year I was introduced on YouTube to a pastor by the name of RC Blakes, and I’ve found much wisdom in his approach to ministry. He is able to look at the world as it really is and link the past biblical encounters to those of today.

Pastor Blakes preaches about the rise of narcissism and how it effects the lives of many people in our present day society. Having had encounters in my own life with people of this sort has opened my eyes to a new world. I have begun the transition to reality from the fantasy world that had me captive for so long.

The video above is from Pastor Blakes’ YouTube Channel.

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False Rape Claims: Or is it Feminism on Steroids?

As the voices of sexual misconduct rise in the west, we must be aware that some of these accusations may have little to no merit.  I believe if someone actually rapes another individual they should be held accountable for their actions, and stand in judgment of the law.

However, there are those who have other reasons for making such claims, and the person who is being accused should have the right to insist that the accuser show proof of their claim. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It only exists for some, but not for all.

I personally have had a woman say to me that a man raped her only to later retract her statement as being false or taken out of context. The system of law we live under is slowly breaking down and social media, fake news and public opinion will be its downfall.

Rape is a serious crime and should not be used as a weapon or a tool to disguise your shame for something you did, and now regret.

This Youtube video sheds light on this subject. Entitled: Feminism On Steroids: Columnist Emily Lindin From Teen Vogue Magazine Is A Dangerous Woman by Nicole's View

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