One day in your life if you are lucky enough to live until a ripe old age, hopefully you'll be given a chance to reminisce about the people and events that contributed significantly to making your life worth living.  As we venture into our everyday roles in life we tend to forget or take for granted each individual gift given us each day.

We must learn to acknowledge these blessings while they are current and happening in present day form.  Our children, our families and our friends all are an intricate part of who we are and what we may become.  Take a moment to hold someone who is dear to you and tell them how much you love and cherish each day that they are in your life.

You can represent an instrument of love and tolerance when it is needed most.  We cherish money, cars and material things that only rust and eventually become obsolete in our lives.  People who love you will remember you when material objects fade from sight.

When you learn to cherish people over objects you will heighten your own self-worth, you will then embody the best we as human beings have to offer, and you will become whole.

Objects will never know you the way the people in your life do now.  Our love ones remember our tears and our fears, they remember or gains and our losses, through it all they still care for us and rally behind us when we need their support.

When you learn to cherish the little things, big things no longer seem unattainable.  All your dreams will come into perspective and you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and exclaim openly to the world...

...I cherish my life, my gifts, my people and …my god.

(Written by E. Johnson)


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