Come As You Are

Come As You Are

(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

Focus not on the past but on future endeavors,
Search the crevices of your mine,
While seeking all that’s clever.

Study lessons taught before and try to understand,
Existing is just a state of mind,
Learn to formulate your plan.

Contentment isn’t far away it’s like the northern star,
Guiding every step you take,
No matter who you are.

Second guessing is not allowed you must persevere,
The only way to be successful,
Is to get away from here.

Don’t study negative energy while planting your seed to grow,
It matters not where you’ve been,
Only where you go.

We wonder what tomorrow brings the essence of life be told,
Questions aren’t always answered,
Only destiny can unfold.

I am but a mere mortal with hopes and dreams of happier days,
Longing for eternal bliss,
With faith I’ll find a way.

So journey on my brothers and sisters in hope you will go far,
Seeking knowledge and divinity,
Come as you are.


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