Don’t Blame Your Ex, Look Within

Don't Blame Your Ex, Look Within

It’s easy to blame your ex for the shortcomings that might be symptomatic in creating the foundation for the break in your relationship.  Instead of looking inward we prefer to point our judgmental fingers at the other person.  Many times the answers we seek are within ourselves, lurking within the folds of the deep inner caverns of our souls which hold the truth.

strong-blk-wmnThere are personality disorders that are part of our makeup; nevertheless we must learn to keep them in their proper context.  We all have some form of mental disorder and it can be triggered by a loss of someone you love, painfully attempting to accept a situation you have no control of.  When hurt you will find that you can say and do some very stupid and hurtful things to yourself as well as the person you profess to love.

Be careful when blaming your ex for situations that may have ultimately festered in your relationship for some time now, causing a breakup that in most cases was inevitable.  Learn from your mistakes and keep it moving, remember a breakup is not always a bad thing, in most cases it can be invigorating as well as enlightening.

Breakups can close the door on broken relationships that no longer serve you, and give rise to opening a new door with new adventures and people who are willing to accept you with an enhanced outlook on life.

Instead of attempting to figure out what went wrong with your ex, try and figure out what you can do better the next time you find that special someone. Remember you cannot change another person, but you can change yourself.


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