(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

I’ll hold you in my arms and never let you go,
If I’m moving much too fast, I’ll learn to take it slow.
Tell me what you like, and desire most,
You are my company, and I’ll gladly be your host.

Let me take you out for a bite to eat,
I know a nice place on 32nd Street.
I would do anything  just to see you laugh,
Just me and you, if you only knew the half.

You said you love my eyes and pouting lips,
Well I love your smile, and your sexy hips.
What we need to do is take a romantic trip,
Are you wearing anything underneath that slip?

We belong together so let’s not delay,
Don’t let commonsense, get in our way.
Attraction like this, doesn’t happen all the time,
What we feel in our hearts, isn’t always by design.

From the first time that I saw you, I knew right there and then,
You would be my conquest, and my partner ‘til the end.
You are my fairytale goddess, lover and my friend.
You are my enchantress, enchanting ‘til the end.


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