(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

Distant is the look in your eyes as I remember you then,
I lost the one I treasured most; our friendship came to an end.
It wasn’t that I didn’t care and the truth I never denied,
Loving me was too much to bear,
Revealing trails of tears that you have cried.

I focus not on yesterday for years have now gone past,
Fantasies where we had lived, we knew it would not last.
Good times were plentiful as were cherished in our thoughts,
Thankful for a fleeting moment, where happiness was brought.

We were lying to ourselves as the truth had won that day,
Trust gave way to dishonesty, and someone had to pay.
I look back and reminisce about the stories that were told,
Vague answers give way to questions to reveal the inner soul.

My eyes are open now and it hurts to relive those times.
Trying to find some sense of reality, in stories for the blind.
I wish you well as I continue on to face my new endeavors,
I’ve grown a little while taking time for me,
Wiser and more clever.

I waited for a sign from god that we might bond again,
Only to recognize in life, that friendships sometimes must end.
So I bid you farewell, life lessons sometimes are rough,
Even when you think you’ve had it all,
…You find you still don’t have enough.



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