Everything Must End

Everything Must End

We would like to believe that we all live a charmed life and that today is a bridge leading to tomorrow, and that tomorrow belongs to us.  Well my friends it is not so.  Everything thing must end, every relationship will end and every life shall eventually end.

As days and years go by we should focus on what we can do today that might enhance the lives of others.  We should relish those individual moments that are lodged in our memories when life seems a bit hard to deal with. Learn from those past experiences and relationships, turn chaos into order and then you can focus on living and enjoying the short time we have left on this earth.

I was just notified of another soul no longer walking among us, she was a friend of mine.  She retired after many years of service hoping to enjoy her twilight years with her family and friends.  Well the Grim Reaper had other ideas and decided to take her home instead.

This caused me to realize within a blink of an eye you can be transformed into a memory living only in someone’s heart.  Living should really be simple and carefree, yet we complicate our lives with hatred and confusion.  We need to learn how to live more harmoniously with our brethren, only then can we rejoice knowing their passing was not in vain.

Do not resist the ending of a great experience.  When one door closes another opens so you can embark upon another stage of your life. Consider what we call “the end” as “the beginning.” This is just another experience and lesson to be learned. Don’t live in the past, live for the future.

What we consider the end, the world considers as change.  Change is unavoidable, and can at times be frustrating and feared.  It’s hard learning to adapt to the idea of you and I entering this world alone. Some find it inconceivable that we will leave here as we entered …alone.

Remember when one part of your life ends, another part will begin.  Consider your life as a rosebush, there is an ending, and a new blossoming.

Yet it is still a rose.

(Dedicated to the life of my friend - Thelma Kizer)


(Written by E. Johnson)



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