Family Project – Kitchen

  • Ernest & Paulina JohnsonAround 30 years ago we had a plan for our family that we are finally able to implement
  • Kitchen Floor Plan
  • Old Kitchen and Dining Room DesignThe wall on the right and straight ahead are primed for demolition
  • The hallway will nolonger exist
  • Enters our Friend and Contractor Kamal
  • Kitchen demolition
  • The small passageway to the backyard wil be converted to a room for my wife's salon
  • Floors are stripped
  • Dining Room wall taken down
  • Kitchen is stripped and left wall will be taken down next
  • Kitchen wall frame is next to go where my wife use to call her salon
  • Wall dividing the kitchen from the dining room is demolished
  • Ceilings stripped
  • The kitchen becomes whole once again
  • Recess lighting and tray ceiling are being constructed
  • Floor construction started
  • Sheetrock applied to all surfaces
  • Construction starts for my wife's salon
  • Her salon is starting to take shape
  • The kitchen is starting to come together
  • Salon walls being insulated
  • Primer being applied
  • Wood faced tile flooring being applied
  • Recess lighting being added to dining room
  • Paint being applied
  • New light fixture for the dining room
  • Pendant light fixtures for the kitchen
  • Kitchen cabinets and accesories are delivered
  • Backsplash
  • Faucet
  • Cabinet installation begins
  • Hair salon completed
  • Additional cabinets for opposite wall
  • Island installation
  • Backsplash applied
  • Open Concept
  • I painted the archway red as an accent wall
  • Purchase chrome stools for island
  • Added central air conditioning to basement apartment, kitchen and bedroom
  • Kick my shoes off and enjoy a great meal.

2017 Was a good year for me, I was able with my wife and son complete a renovation project in our kitchen, dining room and hair salon for my wife.  Kamal and his crew, our personal contractor was able help us put together a vision of our home we dreamt about having for years.  Our contractor worked on the basement renovation as well as restoration to the outside front of the house.  We are truly blessed and hopefully, we will have many years of joy and togetherness in our humble abode.

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