THE BROTHERS (Starting from the left): Joseph, Ernest, Ricky and Gil

THE BROTHERS (Starting from the left): Joseph, Ernest, Ricky and Gil


This Independence Day Celebration was awesome; I had my annual family barbecue full of laughs and reminiscing about what happened back-in-da-day.  My brother Gil was the chef and his wife and my niece each brought mouthwatering delicious dishes for all to consume.  My wife wasn’t joining us this year; she is in Trinidad enjoying the sun with her family but she will rejoin us soon.

Ernest-and-little-girlI’m on vacation and planning to spend the next two weeks running around with my family and friends. I feel blessed and I must admit I’m enjoying my life.

Awhile back I was going through stress and some physical issues as well (job and social issues). Now I have no pain and no stress whatsoever, my family was the main reason why I was able to recover.  You will be surprised how the harsh yet loving words from family can be all you need to get you over any harmful instability in your life. This is the best I’ve felt in years.

Not all families are fortunate to build such a bond; it does take time and effort on both sides to build this type of relationship. Remember, we choose our friends, but we don’t get to choose our family members.

Sometimes you get to know a friend or family member real good, just to establish the fact that you are nothing more than strangers.  When you do create a bond with a family member it can be life long and rewarding.  I look forward to having my family in my life; they are the most important people on earth to me.  When I’m down I can depend on their support with no compromise whatsoever.

My family is my rock and has always been there when I needed them.  They allow me to make mistakes and like a Hoover vacuum, they come behind me and pick up the pieces.  They helped put this Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

If your family is caring and loving you are truly blessed and the world is your treasure chest.  I was never a great believer in family until now.  People will disappoint you and family members can also let you down, yet in the end when your friends turn and run, your family will be there as your main support system.

I will always like my friends, but will always love my family.

(Written by E. Johnson)


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