By E. Johnson

Every day that I wake up I feel the need to cheer,
Happy for a new day, month or even year.
I strive to be the best I can and will never disavow,
The presence of virtue, bestowed upon me now.

I focus on my dreams which are now my reality,
I focus on achieving heights that I felt could never be.
I never focus on yesterday, it’s time has come and gone,
I live in the present, with each and every dawn.

I strive for perfection and at times I wear the scars,
Imprisoned by my efforts as I struggle behind the bars.
Never broken but determined as I search for the key,
No longer restrained by the chains which had bounded me.

Never underestimate what you’ll do when you decide,
An ounce of inner strength, compounded with endless pride.
I know what I want to do and will continue to strive and yet,
I will enjoy each day I live fulfilling my never ending quest.

I focus on the good things that will eventually leave a mark,
Focusing like the candle that shines brightly in the dark.
I focus on my destiny and hope I leave behind,
Valuable truths to quench the thirst,
…and knowledge for all time.


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