For You

For You

(Written by E. Johnson)

Destiny may be a curse for some, and a reminder for just a few,
I’m reminded how I hurt your heart, and was never there for you.
I never listened when you said you needed more from me,
Memory of a future love, which was never meant to be.

I carry the scars of a wounded man, I deserve my lonely fate,
The loving smile that once had loved me has now turned to hate.
Forgive me for I never understood, why I do the things I do,
I should have tried to make things right, especially for you.

When you say you love someone you should never hurt their heart,
Always love them in the end, as you loved them from the start.
Sacrifice is what I had to feel, and regret was a lesson learned,
Once you dance the dance of fire, your future you will burn.

Relationships are not easy, and only the true ones tend to last,
Communicate and do it right, or guilt will be your past.
I’m sorry if I hurt you, it was not my intention or desire,
I smelt the smoke and even choked, but never saw the fire.

As I reminisce about you, and remember the happiest times we had,
The good times were full of fun, while the bad was truly bad.
I still remember the sunny days when we promised to be true,
I guess the words “I’ll love you forever,” were never meant for you.


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