Forever My Love

Forever My Love

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

True love is forever and will exist in the minds that have bonded,
Hearts are entwined in loving bliss because love has responded.

Until the earth no longer exist,
And the sun refuses to shine.
Love birds no longer kiss,
Sight returns to the blind.

Until tears no longer stream,
The moon separates from earth,
All that shines no longer gleams.
When men start giving birth.

Until the oceans are sand,
And sand turns to seas.
When nature has no plans,
The world does as it please.

Until the sky falls to earth,
And people cease to exist.
When money has no worth,
We’ll both be victim to this…

I am not afraid of any of those things fear will just have to hide,
Forever is my love for you, woman by my side.



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