Written by E. Johnson

When I see tomorrow coming and yesterday has gone,
I surrender to my passing thoughts,
And hope still lingers on.

Never have I yearned for life the way I do this day,
Some things are forever eternal,
That’s what the elders say.

Some people dream of days gone by and never sacrifice,
They never learned to cherish moments,
They forever roll the dice.

Be not afraid to state your claim and broaden your horizon,
Demolish the fear that holds you captive,
Your sun is surely rising.

Free yourself from negative thoughts then you’ll realize,
Those childish pranks will disappear,
Fear wears a dark disguise.

My parents taught me to be true and value who I am,
Never let others steal your joy,
Learn to give a damn.

Free yourself and elevate your conscious state of mind,
Things aren’t always as they seem,
Giving sight to the blind.

The world is your mansion and only you hold the key,
Let no one in who means you harm,
It’s time to set them free.

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