I Believe in You

I Believe in You

We are mere mortals, nothing more, nothing less.  We are prone to making mistakes with an unbridled yearning to forgive sometimes without explanation. We can be gullible and yet brilliant at the same time. What I’ve learned in my life is that the gift of happiness starts with you, no one can complete you or destroy the hopes and dreams you believe in.

Set goals with passion and courage, mobilize your inner strength and stay determined. We have a tendency to think the world owes us something, well my friend; the world doesn’t owe you anything.

Remember in life you don’t always get what you deserve; only what you negotiate. The hardest part of getting to that next plateau in your life is to be able to release the constraints that hold you back from the gifts you feel you deserve.  The constraints could be people, your job, family members, relationships or you yourself.  You can become your biggest obstacle, which is why you must have a game plan and execute it with fervor.


Nothing is wrong with dreaming, but if all you do is dream then you have set yourself up for failure. You’ll look back at your life and wonder where all the time went.  Tomorrow is not promised to us so don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Balance your dreams with actions; make a promise to yourself that you will complete at least one objective each day leading to the prize you seek, which is your gift.

The book I wrote called “Gifted” was my way of looking at my life and dissecting all the roads I traveled in order to see how much I’ve grown.  We need to take time and look inside ourselves with enthusiasm while searching for our weaknesses. Once we establish what the negatives are we should put forth effort to fix the faults and enhance the positives.


Egos are necessary for personal growth, but can be detrimental when used in selfish endeavors. It’s ok to use your ego as a defense mechanism, but remember there are times when you must lower the shields.  If your ego becomes too much of an obstruction then the climb will be that much steeper and the distance will be even longer.

Balance is the key here, once you figure out how to use it correctly, then and only then will you be able to successfully break down the barriers that continue to block your passage.


Become the stronger version of you, become that light that those who only see darkness would want to follow. You can be that beacon of light that will guide those who are still blinded by the blackness. Be positive and learn to forgive yourself as you forgive others when you do make mistakes.  What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

Stay within the flow of life, do what makes you happy.  Contentment comes from embarking upon your own journey where you are victorious.  You must strive to be the hero in your own story; it’s ok if you take a few bumps and bruises along the way.  They will heal like all things in time.

Enjoy the journey and remember you are not alone in writing your story, but the ending will be written by you.

(Written by E. Johnson)

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