I Can’t Breathe

I Can’t Breathe

It hurts my heart to see the injustice towards my fellow brothers who have been killed while treated as inferior beings. We deserve better than that, they have the right to be heard in a court of law even though the only voice they have is the evidence that those who took their lives hide shamelessly behind.

I have a son who I love very dearly and I've fought every day of my life to make sure he has a chance in this society. As a father and role model I feel I am every man and every boy that inhabits this world, and if one of these sons is killed, a part of me dies with them.

I stand as a man who feels the pain of a nation; therefore I stand locked hand in hand with the families of the victims crying out for justice. If a video can no longer prove a crime has been committed, what other options do we have in order to achieve a fair and unbiased resolution?

It seems in this country that the life of a black man is expendable to say the least, what this means is the black race is superfluous and there is no need to consider us worthy of concern.

I am truly saddened by the turn of events as they pertain to justice and the code of law. We have been labeled victims, and as our forefathers have done, we must again fight for equality. I’m also deeply concerned about the mothers who cry for the loss of their sons, a mother’s pain for the death of her baby boy (no matter the age) is hard and disconcerting.

Here in America we must attempt to do better. How can we hold ourselves as examples for the world when we have so much hatred and ignorance in our own communities?

We stand as the African American population of the United States in solidarity and prayer for a more fair and just society.

God help us.

- Sincerely Ernest Johnson


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