I Still Believe In Love

I Still Believe in Love

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

A romantic fool I am but I care not what they think,
You must first find where the water flows,
In order for you to drink.

My thirst I must quench and love is my favorite wine,
I’ve tasted the joys that love can share,
As it ages whole with time.

Have you ever tasted true love? If so, please expound.
I’m sure you’ll gladly take a sip,
Before I put the bottle down.

Love has an aroma that only lovers can appreciate,
Imported by two caring hearts,
The best comes when you wait.

This wine is magnificent; enjoy your meal, bon appetite,
True love is a meal that fills you up,
It goes good with all you can eat.

Two people in love can drink till their heart’s content,
They both have seen the menu,
Each now captivated by the scent.

Never underestimate the waters that flow from up above,
Streaming the essence of the wines of Life,
That’s why I still believe in love.


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