If He Cares

If He Cares

(Written by E. Johnson)

Does he look you in your eyes just to stare?
Does he walk and hold your hands to show he cares?
Does he whisper in your ear and kiss your cheek?
Does he hold you in his arms when you’re feeling weak?

Men have their way of telling you how they feel,
His innermost feelings he will eventually reveal.
Be careful who you choose to share your lonely bed,
Make sure the man you love lives by everything he said.

Does he wipe your tears away when you cry?
Does he tell you if you should leave he’ll die?
Does he listen to your problems when you talk?
Does he kiss your forehead and say it’s all his fault?

Men can be cold and at times unaware of your moods,
With a little coaxing and tenderness you’ll find he will improve.
Life isn’t always easy and at times can be unfair,
He’ll find a way to make you happy, but only if he cares.


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