If Love Was All There Was

If Love Was All There Was

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

I would give to you and you would give to me,
Our bond would be everlasting,
Our love will set us free.
We would be united until our time is due,
I would be a memory that lives inside of you.

As a rose begins to bloom across the valley floor,
I’ll pick this one for you,
I owe you eleven more.
That’s how much I love you I hope you recognize,
Unforeseen advances as I stare into your eyes.

A Candlelight dinner is what I’d share with you,
A momentary pause puts it all right into view.
Seconds seem like hours,
Hours seem like days.
Is this truly love that we feel,
Or is it just another phase?

Two people vibing in a way that’s hard to explain,
Love is like a star,
No two are just the same.

If love was all there was there would be no need for tears,
Love conquers all the pain and will eradicate your fears.
I don’t know why love exists and why it seems to fail,
We all have been imprisoned by love,
And no one can afford the bail.


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