(Written by E. Johnson)

If I fell would you catch me?
If I were lost would you fetch me?
If I were blind would you see me?
If bonded would you release me?

If all of what I am asking is too much for you to bear,
Only the weight of honor shall be forfeited for your care.
If all the good in the world was taken by those despised,
There would be no hope left, only tears and hurtful lies.

If I called you would you answer?
If I cried would you hold my hand?
If I told you I needed your support,
Can I count on you to stand?

If all the dreams in the world were worthy to fulfill,
There would be rejoicing and mansions on the hill.
If all our illusions were as transparent as a thought,
Nothing would be for granted, for the battle has been fought.

If I were hungry would you feed me?
If I were a slave would you free me?
If I died would I be your memory?
If I lead would you follow me?

If is a word that is uncertain and at times leads us a stray,
If can be your salvation used to transform night to day.
If is just a statement a privilege for those who heed,
If can be you savior,

If only you believe.


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