In This Place

In This Place

(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

Mist and clouds is where this weary soul was found,
Unclear was the directions as silence was the sound.
I glanced upon the horizon where the shepherd tends his sheep,
Turmoil was my existence; I’ve got no place to sleep.

Just when all seemed lost the shepherd heard my cry,
He touched me with his staff and said,
It’s not your turn to die.
Behold my son the earth, the place of your birth,
Understand your presence here is to establish what you’re worth.
And at that sudden moment it became so clear to me,
I’m in the presence of holiness,
He helped this blind man see.

I dare not turn away for truth has become my guide,
I must continue my journey with this angel by my side.
From shore to shore I can hear the heartbeat of many lands,
I must contribute to the masses, with focus on his plans.

Just when all seemed lost a shepherd guided me,
He showed me what I truly was,
And behold my destiny.
I wanted to thank him for guidance but in a friendly voice…
He said if you really want my thanks,
Learn to make a better choice.
I understand my purpose now and I’m ready for the race,
While searching I found my lifelong passion,

I found it …in this place.



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