Mind Games, The Real Soul Mates


Ejai-2016-Work-closer-look"I found this information extremely important and I wanted to share it with people who visit this site. There are many people searching for a partner in this cruel and sometimes non-empathetic world, and we need to be cognizant concerning the limited and dangerous choices we have available in potential partners. If you date long enough you will eventually meet a person with the traits presented in the 2 videos on this page. The information in this video can go both ways male/female. Tread carefully and if you happen to meet someone who acts in this fashion don't hesitate to jump ship and move on. "- Ejai


Narcissist Suzie gets new victim Eps.1 - Falling into the trap:

Narcissist Suzie gets new victim Esp. 2 - Love bombing and expensive gifts:


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