My Father, My Hero

My Father and Mother

My Father and Mother

My Father, My Hero

I remember when I was a child my father coming home from a hard days work. My father wasn't and educated man, he was a factory worker. He would come home and give my mother his paycheck so that she would be able to keep the household functioning properly. My father seemed to have had a thankless job by today’s standards, but that never stopped him from being the best man that he could be.

My father was a quiet man who believed in family values, he represented in his own enduring way what a good man should be. Men today seemed to have lost the luster and degree of male fortitude necessary to establish themselves as real men.

If many of us look back at the men of yesteryear we would see men who understood chivalry, strength, ambition and determination, all the qualities necessary for a man to succeed in the real world.

My father had all these attributes and he handled himself with strength when it was needed and kindness when it seemed appropriate. I never heard my father utter a curse word, or speak badly about anybody even though I’ve seen some situations that deserved that type of response.

I miss my father so much; there are so many things I would love to ask his opinion on. Life has been a roller coaster ride for me and I’m sure with the proper guidance my ride may not have been so bumpy. My mother would say unkind things to him when she was upset and he would just smile and ignore her verbal assault and give her a hug and kiss.

My father was not the authoritative type; he would have been considered by today’s standards a diplomat. Being considered a hero to your sons is an admirable achievement. My father deserves “The Father of a Lifetime Award.”

I hope one day my son will look at my life and once he has evaluated my worth he’ll find a man worthy of being called …his dad.

(Written by E. Johnson)



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