My Life

My Life

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

As I awake and stare into the abyss that we call daylight,
Remembering decisions made wrong now turn right.
As I shower away the memories of deeds in my past,
Lessons learned forever following me,
Until the breath that is my last.

I’ve conquered many mountains and shed many tears,
I’ve fought to be the best I can be as days turn to years.
I’ve carried the scars of many broken dreams much to my displeasure,
Only to be victorious in the struggle,
That time can only measure.

My day is full of joy and nostalgia for a place I’ve never been,
I’m not an angel by any means I live to challenge my sins.
The world is my canvas, in which I will create a place to roam,
I’ll paint my tears in colors,
The rainbow I shall call my home.

Destiny is a word used by many but has always been misunderstood,
You don’t need to steal eternal happiness, just remove your hood.
The road of life is not easy and many times we veer off course,
Happiness can be sustainable,
Let inner love be your force.

My day is finally over and now I will lie in bed and reminisce,
I’ll think about tomorrow and the people that I miss.
I’ll dream about my struggles, heartaches and endless strife,
Tomorrow I will awake a warrior,
Thankful for my life.



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