New Horizons

New Horizons

Each day is a special day and we all should be thankful for being able to have another chance to improve ourselves.  A new day dawning is a constant reminder that the world still feels you are worthy of yet another day to complete your journey.

We all have a purpose in life; many people never figure out what that particular purpose is. Why?  I feel it has something to do with fear, laziness and sometimes lack of vision. Remember; “You’ll make your own Heaven and Hell right here on Earth.”

Consider each day a gift, a renewing of a promise that you have been given the keys to your own kingdom where you rule supreme.  I know many of us consider ourselves mere peasants living in a world of ruthless, unsympathetic neurotic assholes.

Don’t be discouraged, in order for a cure to work you must first have a disease to conquer.  Every once in a while we feel stronger than we’ve ever felt before. Our minds will dream again; our voices will sing again. Our hearts will then be able to love again.

Once the cycle has been completed, we can rest and await our next purpose in life. Some will call it fate, others will call it destiny, I'd prefer to call it “New Horizons.”


(Written by E. Johnson)



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