None of Them Were You

None of Them Were You

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

I’ve had my share of beautiful women, some smart some simple.
Some had great attitudes, lovely smiles with cute dimples.
Others were sexy as hell, some old…some new,
Still I felt I was missing something,
Because… None of them were you.

I’ve had my nights of loneliness, practical as it may seem.
Making me much stronger yet, as tears began to stream.
I look to recover for that is all that I can do,
They can’t fill this void of loneliness,
Because… None of them were you.

Some tried to make me understand, what could be best for me,
They don’t know how to treat a man, so I set them free.
I am but a simple guy, I search for someone true,
I watch them cry as I wave goodbye,
Because… None of them were you.

I will keep searching near and far until my queen is finally revealed.
She’ll be my morning and evening star; my void shall now be filled.
At last the journey is complete, true love is now in view,
I can rejoice with certainty,
Thank God that I’ve found you.


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