Over Her, Over Him

Heartbreak (Explained) Audio Version

Ernest-2014I was asked today by a woman friend of mine, why I feel the need to blog about relationships? It’s because in my life I felt the same pain most men today feel when dealing with understanding women and relationships. Due to the fact that men are more logical and women more emotional there is a tug of war going on and neither side understands how to find a middle ground.

I’ve been through heartbreak more than once in my life and believe me there is no pain more hurtful than feeling that the one you love no longer loves you. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and I now understand how I might have unknowingly hurt other women with my own selfish conduct.

I have also noticed that men have limited information when it comes to healing and understanding how they got into this situation in the first place. Thanks to the internet and social media men have more information out there to help them get over and understand the issues associated with relationships.

Women have multiple numbers of articles and sites that help them work through the pains of heartbreak. I’m only trying to level the playing field, and I will continue to put on my site information for both men and women that will help them become better people and considerate lovers.

The audio on this page tells it like it is. This audio program explains how women and men lie and play games to get you to break up with them in order for them to sleep with someone else. I’ve experienced it and I’m sure others out there have felt the sting of these types of breakups.

Just listen to the signs and heed the warnings, I wish you all peace and hopefully a fulfilling life with a loving and caring partner.



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