(Written by E. Johnson)

There are times in our lives we search for an escape, we long for acceptance and find we only cause ourselves even more pain. Don't search for happiness, search for Peace. - Ejai

I’ve come to know what I might be,
As I stare into the abyss.
Calming thoughts are all I see,
My heart cannot resist.

I’m finally comfortable with myself,
It took me years to find.
I really don’t need anyone else,
I’m complete by design.

The past is gone forever from sight,
The future is my goal.
What was dark is replaced with light,
I rest my weary soul.

You deserve to be made brand new,
It’s the order of the beast.
Sad thoughts will only block your view,
Happy thoughts will bring you peace.

Only let the world see you at your best,
Tranquil as the silent sea.
Remember to never ever settle for less.
Then Peaceful you shall be.

No one person can make you happy,
You will learn in time.
Use these words to set you free,
And form a peaceful state of mind.


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