People, Wake the Hell Up!

I wish to rant about a subject that has bothered me for some time. People continue to hold on to someone who wants you to go away.  I have been guilty of the same crime many of you are experiencing now, holding on when the love is gone.

We try to make right what is doomed and will eventually be proven wrong.  We subjugate ourselves into the realm of insecurity and self-doubt. We become a plague and destructive force to our inner being.  For that moment we become victim to our own manifestation of reality, which contributes nothing but pain to our future ambitions.

When someone or others choose to limit your existence into their lives, remove yourself immediately and continue onward in a direction that is more accepting of you.  Do not burden yourself wondering what the person who lied and mistreated you has to say. They are nothing more than a small blip on the screen of your life.

Many times we make ourselves believe that the person we see before us is the real deal, only to find after numerous interactions that this person never truly existed.  They were only a figment of our imagination, a projection of what we would like them to be. Moreover, we attempt to befriend an illusion and disavow any resemblance to reality.

Focusing on You

We should be focusing on ourselves and trying to move beyond what hurts us to a place of tranquillity and self-worth.  We must establish ourselves as a refuge of inner-peace and love for who we are.  Anyone that steps on you is not who you should be in the company of.  You need to take a timeout and investigate this situation and work to remove yourself from any negativity that binds you.

We waste precious minutes, hours and days of our lives trying to reconstruct the events that led to this break, only to discover the answer will never be found, only more pain and confusion.  Walking away is the only way to combat this mindset of confusion.  Yes, it will hurt at first but after some time you will eventually feel a sense of relief and vindication. This can only happen once you acknowledge your true worth and decide it’s you or nothing.

Remember that “People who hurt, hurt others,” this is why you must extricate yourself from this type of relationship immediately.  You can’t win all battles, and some people are already broken.  Like Humpty-Dumpty you will not be able to put the pieces back together again.  Even if you try, it will never be the same.

Life has a way of showing you the exit sign even though you try to stay in that burning building.  It is just a matter of time before the fumes consume you and the building begins to fall due to the heat of emotions and weak boundaries.

Setting Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is a must! People who have strong boundaries are usually never taken advantage of because they refuse to allow anyone to mistreat or cross that line. Boundaries are our personal defense mechanism which regulates what we allow in and out of our world. No one will be allowed to use us or treat us badly once boundaries are in place.

This doesn’t mean that you will not encounter someone with devious intent.  However, this will mean you will be able to see their negative behavior and act accordingly to extract them from your existence. Strong boundaries are crucial to self-awareness and a strong foundation in your world and personal relationships.


If someone ever treats you like a 2nd class citizen or takes you for granted, let that be the sign that you must take leave of that relationship and don’t look back. Forge on to happier pastures, the past is there for a reason. Like a driver in a car, you can’t drive forward while still looking in the rearview mirror.

Remember to love you first.

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