Person In The Mirror

Person In The Mirror

(Written by E. Johnson)

Take a moment to look within the boundaries of your mind,
You’ll see an image of your inner-self, which no one else can find.
You are who you think you are and what comes into view,
A mirror image or fantasy, projecting what you knew.

Can you face the mirror image of a person brought to bear,
Haunting realizations that were hidden in your stare.
Are you what you think you are or are you lying to yourself?
What we see still we deny, plant the blame on someone else.

Scared to look at your image, afraid of what you’ll find,
Truth is in the mirror, your reflection by design.
Don’t be afraid to stare back at the illusion as it appears,
Hidden behind the glass is just a reflection of your fears.

Always look inside your heart it’s what makes you a star,
The person in the mirror, reflects just who you are.
Learn to love yourself; each day is a blessing to behold,
Reflections are your pass experiences, stories to be told.

You owe to yourself to believe the image you see is real,
If you hide behind a mirror, an illusion you will build.
Understanding truth means you will never stand alone,
If your mirror offends you, be the first to cast the stone.

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