• Woman in the Mirror

    Woman in the Mirror

    Woman in the Mirror iPad Pro & Procreate, Digital Art. I wanted to show the power of digital art by…

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  • Glacier Lake

    Glacier Lake

    After I did my previous Glacier drawing I was taken by how beautiful this photo I painted it too.…

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  • Glacier


    I saw a beautiful photo of glaciers and decided to paint a picture of them. Digital Art created with the…

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  • Red Apple

    Red Apple

    This is a picture I wanted to paint for a long time. I envisioned having a nice calm summer day…

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  • The Diver

    The Diver

    A diver looking for treasure in an ocean graveyard. Using the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil along with Procreate…

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  • The Whale

    The Whale

    This is my first attempt at creating a video art project using my iPad and a app called PROCREATE. The…

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  • Gifted – The Trailer

    Gifted – The Trailer

    My first book of poems, inspiring, motivating and a look into the world of people who are wanting hope and…

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