Second Chance

Second Chances

(Written by Ernest Johnson)

Things are good and plans are made existing in our time,
What we see today holds only darkness for the blind.
Failure is not an option and so we believe we shall endure,
If you ask me what I think today, I’d say that I’m not sure.

What we thought was strong enough couldn’t hold the weight,
All it took was an emotional disaster which caused it all to break.
What we had felt was meant for us was not created for romance,
Why would I blink, or even think, I had a second chance?

When summer ends and fall begins we walk with our new mates,
We forgive, and say let live, no reason for us to hate.
The walls have finally come tumbling down no need for us to cry,
When we thought we’d last forever, we were living another lie.

Sacred is the union of those who knew the cost of desire,
Punished are the fugitives, who put the house on fire.
The road to forgiveness is long and full of empty souls.
Some will fall between the cracks, while others play their roles.

Judge me not for I understand why we didn’t last through forever,
We had to let go of what was broken to put our lives together.
The birds sing each morning while bringing soft music to the dance,
Reminding me each day I wake, I have a second chance.

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