Seeking Happiness

Seeking Happiness

Times are rough and are getting rougher as I write this blog posting, nevertheless we must stay vigilant and continue to strive for peace within our own lives. There are people in the world that have no homes and little to no food to eat, but yet are content to have been given one more day in hopes to turn things around.

We need to understand that with sunshine there must be some rain. Sometimes we experience light showers and other times we are exposed to heavy downpours, with intermittent bursts of lightning and thunder. This is only a temporary occurrence yet we treat it as if it will be a never-ending force of nature.

We have to be aware of what is good when it appears and treasure it, for it is fleeting like the ever rising stream that eventually finds its way to the ocean. Identifying your purpose should be your desired goal. We are not content unless we focus on what makes us whole, and the only reason we exist is to give and receive love.

Below is a link to an article where the author gives 10 good reasons to the secrets of happiness, enjoy and remember take a moment to smile.

⇒1o Little Habits that Steal Happiness

(Written by: E. Johnson)

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