She – Part 2

She (Part 2)

(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

A woman of virtue who believes her body is her temple,
Not just anyone can touch her, she lives relatively simple.
She loves to be loved but it must be her own choice,
You can tell she means business, from the sound of her voice.

This radiant beauty is not dependent on just any man,
She knows what she wants and sticks to the plan.
She’s groomed for success but only on her terms,
Desire for family is the yearning that burns.

She pleases her man and he never has to wonder,
Where she has been, or whom she is under.
This woman of integrity is very hard to find,
You can still find her, if your sight is not blind.

If you know someone like this you should never let her go,
She’ll be that guiding light, just watch for the glow.
She’ll give you support when you feel you’ve lost ground,
When others run away, she’ll still be around.

Women are forever, they light up our dreams,
She is why I write these poems, acknowledgement to the queens.


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