(Written by: E. Johnson)


Another year has passed and now we reflect on the positives and negatives that brought us to this abyss. We think about the trials and tribulations that have made us the people we are today.  At this time of reflection we grudgingly start removing people, places and things from our lives that have hurt us in the past and are targeting us for future damage. With an open heart and clear mind we bestow upon them the gift of …silence.


There are people who for some reason feel it necessary to inflict pain on others when it serves their purpose.  These people pretend to be friends and will lie, cheat and poison your soul only because they have issues that they have not fixed in their own lives.  They are not looking for friends, they are looking for victims.  They pretend to be the ones hurt by others and the real truth is they victimized the other party and then talk bad about them to the next victim.

These people are deserving of quiet time away from you.  They have concluded that you are not worthy of respect and they will treat you that way if you allow it.  You  cannot allow yourself to be anyone’s doormat, pick up the pieces of your life, dust off the dirt that has soiled your clothing and give these unworthy fake friends the gift of  …silence.


I have encountered people who say one thing and do another, when you allow yourself to be mislead by words you will be taken into a false sense of reality. Listen to what a person says, but watch what they do.  This is the best way to determine the character of that person.

Never underestimate the power of words, I’ve learned in my short time on this earth that words are tools used to deceive and at times enlighten.  You must learn to be the judge of a person’s character and use common sense in determining if this person is worthy of being part of your life.

As I wrote before in one of my previous poems, some people are in our live for a mere season while others are with us until the day we die.


Learn to forgive those who hurt you, some are not at fault; it’s just part of their character.  You would be amazed at how your early years such as childhood manifest itself in your existence today.  The sum of who you are is a reflection of where you’ve been and some uncontrollable circumstances. Some of these people are broken, they cannot be fixed, it is not your job to fix them.  Learn from the experience and now you know how to tell when you are in the company of a toxic person, quickly exit stage right.

The Word of God teaches us to forgive and I know it can be hard sometimes. I’ve done some despicable things in my life and for the most part I’ve tried to make right my wrongs.  Sometimes you are given the opportunity to ask for forgiveness or do something to show how sorry you are for hurting someone you care and love.

Forgiveness also manifests itself in showing us that we need to search ourselves for answers to questions that were never asked. Be prepared to move on with your life when others intentionally try to hurt you. Silence doesn’t mean you hate or despise someone, it means you’ve learned to love yourself. Strive to be understanding and pray for them and say to them in a tone many have learned to recognize, and that tone consists of …silence.

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