(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

I promise I’ll be there for you and this will be my vow,
If you need to find a path to love, I will show you how.
Don’t be afraid to lean on me because I will never break,
I offer my heart as my word, a decision you have to make.

This world can be cold and at times the winds may blow,
Passion has lit erotic thoughts I dare not move too slow.
You ask me why I love you and I don’t know what to say,
In the game of love you learn the rules and how to play.

Never underestimate a man who loves with heart in hand,
He speaks with clarity in a language, even fools can understand.
As long as I am sincere and promise to love you forever more,
I’ll surely erase your inner fear, with that you can be sure.

Some men promised you forever and gave you just one night,
Like a thief they stole your heart, and disappeared from sight.
It hurts me to see you lonely and that is why I say to you,
Give me a chance to mend your heart; I know just what to do.

I am the man you need, and I will promise you love and this,
If God removes me from your life, this love you’ll surely miss.
You are my friend and lover you bring out the best in me,
Love for you I shall always treasure, with one word …Sincerity.



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