So Many Oceans

So Many Oceans

(Written by: Ernest Johnson)

My life is like the ocean a vast world of secrets,
Never ending travels for those who wish to seek it.
Like the seagull that has flown and discovered sacred land,
He’s found a place to rest his wings gliding to the sand.

Quiet is my memories and focus is my claim,
That I will find my garden and Eden is its name.
I care not for tomorrow as today I greet the sun,
My oasis is my kingdom and I’ve only just begun.

I glimpse upon the ocean where salt is all abound,
I remember the sounds of the waves,
On the beachhead I hear it pound.
A declaration from nature to all who heed the call,
The ocean holds the key to life,
Bountiful nourishment for us all.

The oceans can be magnanimous in a peaceful way,
Let the winds caress the lands,
And cleanse your heart someday.
Underneath the tides are prisons for the masses to explore,
What the oceans never claim will end up on the shore.

As the sun sets on the horizon and we all lay down to sleep,
Keep your mind on the surf and the secrets that it keeps.
Never underestimate the ocean as a guide,
What the ocean feels has no reward,
The oceans will cast aside.


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