(Written by Ernest Johnson)

I call upon the many gone past to once again rejoice,
All within the outer limits towards the cavern of my voice.
Ancestors long gone and weary not, for your world is at peace,
Slumbering as you wake that day as you rise to join the feast.

Each day I travel upon the earth I question my existence,
No one utters any hope, for they are all in need of assistance.
There seems to be no antidote for the troubles I must face,
Only bridges to travel upon, as the victor wins the race.

The haunting sounds of souls singing the day of my birth,
Counting the hours when I’ll return absent from the earth.
Don’t cry when I’m in my grave, you felt no love for me,
Just raise my body above the earth and rest it in the sea.

My spirit will walk alone and never look back for fear,
I find myself in judgment, for the sins I performed this year.
The hidden voices told me hold on and don’t feel regret,
Your life story isn’t finished, there’s no need for you to fret.

Worry not my faithful child, and tell the devil step aside,
Remember do as I have said, let my spirit be your guide.



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