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My Father, My Hero

[caption id="attachment_2654" align="alignleft" width="412"] My Father and Mother[/caption] My Father, My Hero I remember when I was a child my father coming home from a hard days work. My father wasn't and educated man, he was a factory worker. He would come home and give my mother his paycheck so that she would be able to…
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Everything Must End

Everything Must End We would like to believe that we all live a charmed life and that today is a bridge leading to tomorrow, and that tomorrow belongs to us.  Well my friends it is not so.  Everything thing must end, every relationship will end and every life shall eventually end. As days and years…
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New Horizons

New Horizons Each day is a special day and we all should be thankful for being able to have another chance to improve ourselves.  A new day dawning is a constant reminder that the world still feels you are worthy of yet another day to complete your journey. We all have a purpose in life;…
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