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No Need in Looking Back

No Need in Looking Back Hey guys (this can also be advice for women as well), I felt it necessary to help my fellow brethren in acknowledging when to let go of a toxic relationship and move on.  At my office we were discussing what would be a good New Year article, and we all…
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If You Miss Her / Him

What made me decide to publish this article I found online by Carmen Le was the way in which it was written, it reminds me of a poem.  It touches the inner most feelings of many people who have lost someone they cared deeply about no matter whose fault it may have been. I’ve been…
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She Needs Space….Really?

She Needs Space....Really? I created this site as a guide to relationships, art and poetry.  I've been studying relationships between men and women for sometime now. I've noticed that some people are really suffering and are given bad information from people who don't have a clue. Well I decided to post this man's story and…
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Sometimes, Walking Away Is Best

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to tell when it's time to walk away after a breakup so you can move on & leave space for her to come back.